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Coffee Roasting Fundamentals

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    Intensive Training Course 

    • $3950/ person, +1 offer (bring a friend for additional $1950) 
    • Private class (English or Cantonese) is available for 1-4 persons, please send us an email inquiry to arrange. 

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    Notice: The regular class schedule will be postponed if enrollment is insufficient. 

    Whether you want to expand your coffee roasting knowledge or are starting from scratch, for fun, or for your business, our coffee roasting fundamentals course is the perfect starting point to learn the foundations of coffee roasting. Covering the essentials of coffee roasting, this course will outline the entire process, from coffee grading and green coffee structure to equipment operation and maintenance, roast profiling, and basic blending techniques to get you started, giving you a sound understanding of coffee science. Read on for more information about the course.

    • Duration: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (6 Hours total, 1 hour for lunch)
    • Location: Coffee Roasters Asia, 10/F Aberdeen Industrial Bldg, 236 Aberdeen Main Road, Hong Kong. (Transportation Guide)
    • Cost: HK$3950 per person (includes green and roasted coffee)
    • Language: Cantonese speaking class or English speaking class. All Content Materials are provided in English.
    • Course Manual: 74 pages English course manual included
    • Class Size: Max 6 people

      Experience Required:
    • Beginner to Basic
    • Never roasted (ideally has completed a Barista course or has some industry experience making coffee or competent at coffee extraction)
    • Coffee Shop Owner wanting to Roast in House
    • Home roaster
    • New to or limited experience commercial roaster requiring foundation knowledge
    Course Structure
    • Green Coffee Structure and Types
    • Processing Types/Techniques
    • Introduction to Coffee Grading
    • Bean chemical properties
    • Coffee Roasting principles and definitions
    • Introduction to Coffee Roasting Thermodynamics
    • Equipment operation and maintenance
    • Green bean selection and origins
    • Browning: Caramalisation and Maillards Reaction
    • Roast profiling and logging – theory and practical
    • Beginner Temperature and Time Control
    • Roasted coffee flavour profiles – degrees of roast
    • Basic Blending Techniques
    • Introduction to Cupping and Sample Roasting
    The Coffee Roasting Fundamentals course involves theory and practical roasting as well as some cupping.

    At the end of this course, the participant will have a sound understanding of green coffee as an ingredient as well as coffee science in relation to chemical reactions and thermodynamics in roasting.

    They will learn how to control a roast to achieve cup character and be able to replicate profiles.

    The aim of this course is to provide the foundation knowledge for the participant to then gain practical experience on a coffee roaster whether at home or commercially which will then put them in a position to complete an intermediate coffee roasting course down the track.
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